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Observed: 24th June 2012 By: Peter WebbPeter Webb’s reputation in Invertebrates

This wasp hatched out of a very small butterfly pupa, I collected the caterpillar, they pupatted and this little chap popped out, I would like to link it to the butterfly, which was Tarucus sybaris

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Using to Map to give GPS co-ordinates

Hi Everyone,I tried entering Gps co-ordinates for thiswasp and the site would not allow me to do so, they were: 25°53'31.12S 28°14'04.92E the system kept telling me to add the correct co ordinates, I then used the map supplied got my location, clicked on done and it has now dropped this wasp 100kms away from where I obtained it. Any help out there?

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The irony is the GPS can be included directly on the Photo Exif like this in some software like photoshop. The Ispot reading directly from the Exif in DMS format. But Ispot can only be entered in DD format.

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the system also told you

the system also told you to use decimal degrees! Please do so.

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I always use DMS


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In exif

In exif I think they are stored as DD - that is the data standard. Exif is clearly more intelligent than iSpot!