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Birds beside Chobe River

Observed: 10th June 2012 By: TeessiderTeessider’s reputation in BirdsTeessider’s reputation in BirdsTeessider’s reputation in BirdsTeessider’s reputation in Birds
Birds beside Chobe River
Birds beside Chobe River
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According to my Collins Bird Guide, these birds are "rare away from few breeding areas in S and E England" - so this looks like an unusual sighting for where you are.

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Is the Chobe River in this country ?

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I looked it up on Google and

I looked it up on Google and came across some African locations, but clicking on the location link above shows a site in northern England.

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Chobe River where the

Chobe River where the photograph was taken forms the border between Botswana & Namibia. The link should show this now, not sure how I managed to get it to show Teesside.

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Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification Teesider. It still looks like a Stone-Curlew or a near relative, but I'm not familiar with the birds of that area, so hopefully someone else can clarify what they are.

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