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Beetle for id

Observed: 25th June 2012 By: RobSpotRobSpot’s reputation in InvertebratesRobSpot’s reputation in InvertebratesRobSpot’s reputation in Invertebrates
beetle from beech1
beetle from beech2
beetle from beech3

Are these a species of Cantharis soldier beetle?
They emerged from beneath the bark of a beech log today. The second one appears to have part of the larval skin attached at the rear end. The second one also appeared to be darker than the other two.

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Thank you

That looks like the one - cheers, Nick.

It was interesting to find this beetle fully formed under the bark and to watch it take its first flight.

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No probs

And longhorns are great fliers - after some great antenna swivelling usually. Most can also make some great noises - sqeaking/rasping sounds made by rubbing the back of the head on the underside of the thorax. Hold one close to ear some time.... but don't let it bite your ear. They have mean jaws...

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