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Yellow dung fly killed by fungus.

Observed: 13th June 2012 By: Nick UptonNick Upton’s reputation in Fungi and LichensNick Upton’s reputation in Fungi and LichensNick Upton’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Yellow dung fly (Scathophaga stercoraria) killed by fungus (Entomophthora muscae).

Fungi like warm damp weather... and this fly killing fungus has been having a field day; I found three dead Yellow dungflies at the top of a single thistle plant in this wings open pose they take on when infected. The fungus attacks many other flies too but dungflies seem a regular target.


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Is it definitely E. muscae? I did once save to my favourites a site suggesting there were other similar species of Entomophthora affecting various flies (but I lost the site when I changed computers!).


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E. muscae seems to be a

E. muscae seems to be a complex of several species, and may be OK if given as s.l. I had that link somewhere, and seem to have lost it too (and I did not change computers!).



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sensu lato

Thanks Syrphus: I've often seen this affliction attributed to E. muscae and wondered how definite the ID could be - the s.l taxonomic fudge seems wise!

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