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A great tit and blue tit - but what's wrong?

Observed: 21st June 2012 By: msahardymsahardy’s reputation in Birds

The blue tit has been around since last year I think (sorry for the poor photo) but the Great Tit is new - what is causing the deformities?

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I can see the great tit has moulted its head feathers and the blue tit might be a bit leucistic and or moulting. Is that what you mean by deformities?

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I agree the Great tit seems

I agree the Great tit seems to have lost all its head feathers (there are lots of Great Tits around and this is the only one) Is this a normal moult?

The blue-tit though seems to have black feathers on its face (sorry about the photo again)

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I have a few in my garden like this at the moment, not just great tits but blackbirds and other species.
The blue tit pic is a bit unclear but it may be a bit melanistic if you can see dark feathers where they shouldn't be. It happens sometimes.

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Sorry looking garden birds

They are all so clapped out after rearing a brood that they are vulnerable to all sorts of mite, wear & tear etc. Some are doing a second brood this year... the poor pied wagtails are looking almost bald in my part of Surrey