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Tree bumblebee

Observed: 17th June 2012 By: gramandy
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Tree bumblebee

Bumblebee in meadowland at back of Ursuline Drive, Westgate. Several species here. Interestingly not recorded here in this part of Kent by BWARS. If ID correct - should I submit a record to BWARS?

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Please do send the record in. You can do this online at

Chairman BWARS

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have done...

...all reported gladly - hope this helps your records.

I am trying to get this area of land registered as a village green. I may need help if successful to turn this to a nature reserve. Would appreciate any help a) for any support you can give i.e. reference to bees not recorded in this area (your support email now please) b) if granted - what extra bee/wasp/ant friendly plants to be introduced to the area c) which species of bumblebee, bee, wasp or ant etc would we want to see to make this a site of real interest d)any thing else that would help our bees, etc to thrive here - only too willing to help our buzzy friends.

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couple of others...

...can you verify please the next 2bbees in the same area?

I have seen at least 8+ species here but haven't got the photos yet. Is this good for an area of meadowland?

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Great stuff I know something of VG'S be mindful that sucess of your VG comes from the Use of Right Made , EG Walking , Berry Picking, etc not the fact its has potential for a Nature reserve !!! ( Although if you have watched and recorded bees for 20 years on this land unchallenged this in itself is an acceptible use of Right ) If you are applying under the CRA - ensure you meet the defined critria . Very best of luck its a good thing you are doing


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have over...

...70 evidences for the use of the land - some of which stem from the 2nd world war without any trespass problems (40+ over 20 years) - but hey ho never know what the landowner is about to throw into the mix. Will know soon. Again if successful - any ideas towards creating nature reserve gratefully accepted. Complete novice at this.