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Red Deer swimming across the Kyle.

Observed: 13th April 2008 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Mammalslpearce’s reputation in Mammalslpearce’s reputation in Mammals
Red Deer Swimming

You may have to take my word but if you look closely the photo shows a column of Red deer swimming across the sea loch between Kylesku and Kylestrome. You should be able to see their antlers, they walk onto the beach , shook themselves and walked into the hills.

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Red deer

I can see four deer in your photo, it is clear enough to make out their head and antlers. Red deer are known to be strong swimmers.

A friend of mine used to be the FWAG officer for the Loch Lomand region and told me he would regularly see red deer swimming between the mainland and the islands in the Loch.

Graham Banwell

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Yes they must be strong

Yes they must be strong swimmers, on some of the islands off Lochinver there are small herds that can only have got there by swimming across the open sea.
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