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Bonny Beetle

Observed: 15th June 2012 By: allrounderallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebrates
Beetle sp WB 16.6.12..
Beetle sp WB 16.6.12
Beetle sp WB 16.6.12.

I rescued this critter from a cattle trough. Maybe a little over 10 mm long. Released onto nearby vegetation. Its markings to me would suggest it spends a lot of its time in detritus and leaf litter.

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Had this Where I work,

Had this Where I work in Leicester, cryptic colouration makes it difficult for predators to spot, esp. if it drops into the leaf-litter. also resembles a bird dropping when legs pulled in close to body. It is also capable of flight, having caught one on the wing, Moves in a stop-start fashion. Larvae feed in Daldinia cocentrica fructifications; Cramp-ball Fungus/ King Harolds Cakes. which are frequently found on Ash (Fraxinus excelsior).


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thanks Brock

There's no shortage of Ash or Cramp Balls here. Looking at the distribution maps, it looks quite scarce or at the very least, local. Gary

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