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Plant C Spot-orchid 1

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Plant C Spot-orchid  1
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It is not a pure CSO,

It is not a pure CSO, whatever it is. A tip to tell the marsh-orchids from the spotted (all in Dactylorhiza) is the way the sepals are held, though there is some variation. MOs have them +- erect, like this one. These are the flower parts that look like 'arms up' or long ears. SOs have them more spreading or held forward. Look the next time you are in the meadow. The other thing is the thickness of the spur - much thinner in SOs than in MOs. The last thing you want to think about is the spotting on the leaves, which tells you very little in most cases. For what it is worth, it looks like a good MO to me (but I am not familiar with Southern MO).



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Thanks for all your helpful

Thanks for all your helpful comments. It does look identical to all the other S.Marsh-orchids in the area, apart from the spots on the leaves.