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Observed: 20th June 2012 By: photo41

Family Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles ?

Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Malachite Beetle (Malachius bipustulatus) interacts


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I'd still like to know what

I'd still like to know what characters people are using for this, please. See discussion in the invertebrates forum.

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This is why I said Likely but not sure as I did see the discussion on the invertebrate section and hoped you would pick this one up and be able to comment on it.It may be a good idea if possible for you to post both and give an explanation of differences as I would love to know and I think it would help other's too as most book's I have a general reference books on invertebrates.

Sorry if I have annoyed you with my id but I cannot remove it 'iSpot say's no'



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No, of course you haven't

No, of course you haven't annoyed me. You pointed out there are two species and said you weren't sure. But someone has confirmed bipustulatus and I would be interested to know what characters they are using.

In the last couple of days I've seen there is a good demonstration of the two species under Id Aids on the Watford Coleoptera Group website,


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Cordylepherus viridis (Fabricius, 1787) and Malachius bipustulatus

Albeit to what can be seen and the confidence level indicated


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Oh right. I thought if you

Oh right. I thought if you agreed with something, you were confirming the tentative identification, not just agreeing that it might be that.