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Possible Carp

Observed: 20th June 2012 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in Fish
Dead fish, Grafham, 2012-06-20 001 reduced
Dead fish, Grafham, 2012-06-20 003 reduced
Dead fish, Mute Swan for scale, Grafham, 2012-06-20 001 reduced

Or more accurately, ex-carp. it's dead as the proverbial doornail.

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I Don't Think It's a Trout

It's a bit too large - bearing in mind it's behind the swan, and not all of it is visible. There areen't that many freshwater fish that aren't recognisable in some way or another - we can rule out pike, for example.

This fish is rather rounded. Too big for a chub, wrong habitat for barbel, wrong colour for tench (unless they change colour when they rot).

Though it's not the best way to identify things, by a process of illimination I think carp's the most likely.

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Trout will grow pretty big in Grafham! Both Rainbow and Brown will be well into double figures. You may be right with carp, but it could just as easily be a trout, to be honest, especially as dead fish commonly 'blow up' and assume that rounded appearance. A large Bream would be a possibility, too.


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