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Green/yellow snail

I was at the RSPB's Inversnaid reserve this morning. This is on the slopes of Loch Lomond. A very wet day, with only a few birds being seen all day.

I saw two individuals of what I thought to be the same species of snail.

Both of them were bright green/yellow, with the first one being almost striped, and the second having a spiral shaped shell. The bodies of the snails were dark grey. They were very small, approximately 1cm long.

I've no photos, but I'm hoping someone can help identify these for me or point me to any decent websites that would help?




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snail resources

There's a key to garden snails on the Conchological Society site:

but of course this may not cover your non-garden species. You can download a fairly old key from the Field Studies Council (with black and white illustrations):

Will have a think about your description and see if I can suggest anything!

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