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Flower thief

Observed: 21st June 2012 By: Peter Allen
British Dragonfly Society
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This Bank Vole has decimated the Dianthus clump. Some of the flowers have been taken, others just dropped and left. Think it has a nest in the compost bin some 30 feet away.

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Same problem

I have had the same problem but mine started with primrose then it has gone for lily of the valley and now dianthus also leaves loads but set up my night cam and it has been carrying them to its burrows so wonder if they let them dry out before using it for scented nesting material.I just wish my resident Owl would get a better appetite.

Still look's cute though.


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Brilliant photos - award-winning!!

Maybe bank voles collect a range of plants to provide a store that becomes edible over time like North American pikas, although I guess it's the wrong time of year for them to be stocking up.

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