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Hover fly

I admit hover flies are not my speciality, however I've come across this one before. There are two key species with such clear 'clean' markings where the six lines on the abdomen are -

- separated by a gap between the left and right of a pair.
- the second and third pair of lines are curved up like a comma.

The two species are Scaeva pyrastri and Eupeodes luniger. They can be very difficult to separate, however, the deep yellow of the lines indicate Eupeodes luniger, Scaeva pyrastri always have pale, often white, lines.

Graham Banwell

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hover fly

I agree with your ID, if only because I am familiar with S.pyrastri and I've never seen a hoverfly looking like this one!

Bob Ford

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thats great thanks, had never

thats great thanks, had never noticed the wing flaps type things on them before.