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Observed: 20th June 2012 By: BDeed
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Some kind of Earth Tongue or Dead Mans fingers? Found growing in woodland on fallen Sycamore trunk.


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White dots

I considered X. longipes but lack the confidence when i am aware there are several similar species! The white dots have also thrown me...

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Comment from our local Fungi expert.

"Looks like Xylaria polymorpha as it lacks the long 'stem' of longipes.
The white stuff may be the beginning of the parasitic fungus
Calcarisporium arbuscula."

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Xylaria and its habitat

Ben, if X. longipes is usually host-specific to sycamore and X. polymorpha to beech and both have rough textures then the stem might hold the key to ID. X. longipes is flexible when bent and X. polymorpha snaps.I've looked at photographic evidence in two guides and still remain undecided as there appears to be a slender finger as well as a club-shaped finger. The fascination of fungus. Kind regards


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Fascinating and confusing, i don't think i have the memory left to begin to tackle them! The woodland where i photographed it was almost entirely Sycamore plantation, and i don't remember seeing any Beech... Guess this one may have to remain a bit of a mystery.

As an aside one of the Mycena (the one higher up of the Yew), may be of interest nationally, a great find for the event! I expect i'll make more of it if/when i have further detail..