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Mallard chicks

Observed: 17th April 2010 By: Laurie DauntLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in Birds
Mallard chicks

14 of them, is this a reord

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Clutch size

Mallard (including the crosses with domestics that pass for mallard), regularly produce large clutches, well into double figures. They almost never rear more than 4-5-6, in part because they can't brood many more than that once they grow a bit.
The species does not form creches, as such, though ducklings may occasionally change brood.
The male takes no part in incubation or rearing - he still has an eye for the ladies at this time of year, hence he is around - the one you saw may not even be the ducklings' father.

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Thanks, Still amazed, took some looking after to get this far

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