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Observed: 19th June 2012 By: roxydog

these two little bugs were photographed today on my Buddlia Globosa, about two weeks ago the plant was covered in them and we picked them off, now a few have returned. what are they?

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we have these....

they can make a nasty mess of Cape Figwort garden plants(Phygelius).The larva are grubs that make a black mess.The adults look like a small birds's mess so I guess they do not have many predators.I took some photos of them on Figwort(Scrophularia) recently but have not got them on Ispot yet.Thought I would show the other stages.I see there are some already linked showing this.Your Buddleia won't suffer as badly being a stronger shrub.

Hazel Trevan

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figwort weevil

This is the first year that we have noticed these weevil, we have the weed figwort about the place is there any connection