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Lichen on wall

Observed: 7th April 2012 By: cljk2
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Lichen near Birchover

Yellowish-orange lichen on wall


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Hi cljk2, I see you are brand new to iSpot, so welcome here.

As Jenny has suggested, the photograph is not the best (but not at all bad compared with some that get posted here, when I can only conclude that certain folks confuse iSpot with their recycle bin). This photo evidently suffers from camera shake and this is one of the big problems in lichen photography.

But it is quite good enough for firm ID.

The thallus (the 'vegetative' part of the lichen) is distinctly 'leafy' (foliose) and the fruiting bodies (apothecia) are cup-shaped and have distinct margins. By contrast, in your other observation, the lichen genuinely is Caloplaca flavescens and the main part of the lichen is crustose, though it has tiny lobes at the edges (technically 'placodioid'). The apothecia are smaller and more button-like.