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Beetle sp. (tortoise beetle?)

Observed: 19th June 2012 By: Stephen PlummerStephen Plummer’s reputation in InvertebratesStephen Plummer’s reputation in Invertebrates
Beetle sp.
Eurygaster antennae

This Beetle dropped to the ground when I tried to tube it and I couldn't relocate it in the long grass. Is it a tortoise beetle of some kind?

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Sorry, I gave the common name

Sorry, I gave the common name as tortoise beetle. It was meant to say tortoise shieldbug!! (as Limnoporus has already suggested)

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Yes I can see that Eurygaster is the correct id and it cant be Neottiglossa for the reasons given.

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Thanks so much for these

Thanks so much for these really helpful comments!
I've just been looking up Evans & Edmondson's photographic guide to shieldbugs. According to the text, one of the differences between these two species is that the second segment of the antenna of E. maura is nearly twice as long as the third. The second segment of E. testudinaria is only slightly longer than the third.
I've blown up the relevant section of the photo and uploaded it. Do you think that the antenna on the left shows the characteristics of E. maura?