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Blackcap chick

Observed: 19th June 2012 By: jeremyrjeremyr’s reputation in Birdsjeremyr’s reputation in Birdsjeremyr’s reputation in Birdsjeremyr’s reputation in Birds

Looks like a young fledgeling Blackcap. The adult male has the black 'cap', while the female's is a chocolate brown. This chick was calling to it's parent, who scolded me from a nearby bush.
The Blackcap is a warbler that visits the UK in the summer, and has an attractive liquid song. Usually they stay for a few weeks and then move on elswhere, this is the first year I've heard them singing this late, and it looks like we now know the reason. This chick was at the spinney end of the central corridor

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Juveniles all have a brown cap. When they start their post-juvenile moult, later in the summer, the first new feathers which come through reveal the sex, as described above.


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Too soon to tell

yes, I did wonder exactly that. It seemed a bit early to be getting full adult colouring. Thanks for that point.

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