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Dimocarpus longan or Litchi chinensis

Observed: 14th June 2012 By: Ronelvisser50

We saw this unlabelled plant in a nursery and suspect it is either a Dimocarpus longan or Litchi chinensis.
A positive ID would be most welcomed.

  • Longan tree or Litchi tree. (Dimocarpus longan or Litchi chinensis)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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lost soul?

Good luck with the ID - dont recognize the plant.
But I do recognize an Afrikaans name and Somerset West (unless its somewhere in Dorset?) and wondered if you might find the southern African site a little more useful for indigenous species (which this does not appear to be!).

By the by, what are you doing in al Mutawa? On holiday or landscaping (or running a nursery)?

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Our son is in Al Ain, UAE at

Our son is in Al Ain, UAE at the University's date palm research unit and send us the pictures to help him identfy the plants. We are in SA, Somerset West and thought it might be more useful to try the UK Ispot site for help. Thanks for your prompt response, we know you are a busy man. Regards, Ronel Visser.