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The wren

Its been a sad start of the year! All the wrens seems to have disappeared from our area! I have asked friends around the area and they have not seen any either. Bert on the otherside of the valley did see one breifly and that was that. I live in West Wales and the only conclusion is that its the winter that has killed them.

Is this the same over most of the country? I have looked and listened but they are not around and that is so sad. Would love to hear your findings




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Surlingham in Norfolk

I've finally managed to get out into the wider countryside for a proper look and listen and spent an hour or so at Surlingham RSPB in Norfolk. In the space of an hour I heard 5 seperate wrens singing. I would, I think have expected a few more, but they were definately holding territories here. The on thing I didn't get to see or hear though was the other tiny bird of ours, the Goldcrest. Admittedly i don't always see them here but I did study the conifers quite carefully and saw / heard nothing.

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the wren

They seem to be present here in normal numbers-I often spot them in a particular spot in my garden, where they flit around in the shrubs, and have heard them singing very loudly in the lane, pretty much as normal,so I don,t think there is aproblem here.(lancashire)
However, we have had a complete collapse of the green finch population(i posted about this a couple of weeks ago). I was delighted , last weekend , to catch a familiar flash of colour on a bird in the lane, and yesterday, there was a large, bright, greenfinch sitting on the tray at the base of the feeder. That was my first sighting since last summer,and we have previously had up to 8 at once, on the feeders.


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Wrens are doing well here

I hear several wrens singing and also have regular sightings (almost daily) when walking the dogs around my home patch, and also sightings in my garden, in Lydney, West Gloucestershire.