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Observed: 14th June 2012 By: dan_wrench
Natural Shropshire - Biodiversity Partnership
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Strangalia melanura

The head is much more similar to that of Strangalia melanura, as is the shape of the elytra. The shape of the elytra is much more angular and sharp in Stenocorus meridianus.

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I've had a suggestion of

I've had a suggestion of Alosterna tabacicolor. It was a small beetle but I'm not sure how that would compare with S. melanura size wise. It is on a Rhododendron flower if that helps with scale. I've noticed that the legs of Alosterna tabacicolor are lighted than pictures of Strangalia online - although this is a rather iffy way of identification.

Dan Wrench
Biodiversity Officer - Shropshire

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I think you're right,

I've had a look at the differences between Alosterna tabacicolor and Stenurella melanura. A. tabacicolor does indeed seem to be a better match, so I'd go with that if I were you.