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Black Rabbit

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Black Rabbit
Black Rabbit2

Wild black rabbit. Are these melanistic forms or a result of interbreeding with escaped pets?

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It is not because of breeding with escaped pet rabbits it happens naturally in wild populations,but you tend to see more if the population is at a high level.I get two or three black ones were I live each year and it is very rural.


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Thanks for clearing that up!

I know of a few rural locations where black rabbits appear but all are close enough to housing to give rise to the (erroneous) interbreeding theory!

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Wild rabbits

We get black wild rabbits in East Yorkshire too.

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I read about this in a rather good book by R.M.Lockley called The private life of the rabbit it was written for a tv survival programme,it also says that in some remote area's there can be large amounts of black rabbits because of inbreeding within the colony.