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Hypogymnia physodes ?

Observed: 18th June 2012 By: Ginny B
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Hypogymnia physodes
P1030380_reverse side

Lobes grey-green on top, black beneath. I can't see any rhizines. Growing on larch. After much searching pictures and descriptions this seems to be the nearest.


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Yes, the main subject of photo 2 is Hypogymnia physodes, but it is mixed with Evernia prunastri (white underneath), and the latter is the main subject of photo 3.

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Thank you

Thank you Alan for the double identification.

These lichens don't make it easy to take pictures of just one, do they?

I'm glad I correctly identified the Hypogymnia physodes! The photo of the reverse of the twig was meant to show the black on the underside of the lobes and I should have cropped the picture down to show only the Hypogymnia physodes bits but was afraid it wouldn't be clear enough if I did so.

I hadn't got as far as trying to ID the Evernia nor what I think is a third lichen that might be an Usnea. It seems to take a lot of time sorting through what they all might be!


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Ah yes

Silly me. I hadn't noticed that photo 3 also showed the underside of the Hypogymnia. It does show the underside of the Evernia very well.

Yes, the 3rd photograph is an Usnea. Probably it is Usnea subfloridana, this being much the most common in the part of the country where you are taking these photographs. However, Usnea species are very difficult to identify from photographs (and not a lot easier from specimens!), so I cannot be definite from the features we see.


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Thank you again

Thank you again for the third ID.

I'm amazed that you can identify them at all from my photos, which I know are nowhere near detailed enough. Just wish I could get such great close-ups as you have on your website so that the details of each could be better seen.