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Snake's head Fritillary

Observed: 15th April 2010 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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White and common forms of snake's head fritillary in garden.Taken from wild stock

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Nice shots but...

...taking wild stock is illegal and irresponsible - particularly protected species like this. You can buy them readily from garden centres so please leave these ones in the wild where they belong, and where everyone else can see them.

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Just to let you know they are

Just to let you know they are from wildflower supplier and not 'from the wild'.Poor wording on my part

Graeme Davis

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Thanks for the clarification!

And it's good that you are growing stock true to the wild form. I wish more local councils would plant things like the native wild daffodil on verges instead of overblown hybrids. They look so much more in keeping with the countryside.
Kind Regards

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source of seed

Thanks Vinny for highlighting the potential legal issue here, and thanks also to Graeme for clearing things up, it's important that iSpot isn't seen to be condoning anything that could damage wildlife.

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