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Tiny Gold/Red Wasp?

Observed: 16th June 2012 By: Omi
Perilampus aeneus(800x602)
Perilampus aeneus2 (800x599)

I found this tiny insect on a garlic mustard leaf. Can anyone help to ID? Thanks. :)

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good spot

Hi Omi, this is a good spot, appears to be the only perilampid posted so far on iSpot! Best David

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Thanks David

Thank you for your replies :) I've been searching the internet since you first ID'd it for me and I'm a bit over-excited. Could it be Perilampus aeneus? This is the only other picture I've found that looks at all like it:

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Perilampus aeneus

could be, there are at least 9 species in two genera in Britain and Ireland, I'd find it difficult to be certain without a specimen.