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Boa constrictor?

Observed: 16th June 2012 By: Paula Lightfoot
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Large snake seen early evening near the visitor centre and car park at Swinsty Reservoir.

    Likely ID
    Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Nice spot!

Interesting observation. Is it still at large?

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It was spotted in the early evening on Saturday but I have just been sent the photo this evening. I have recommended contacting Yorkshire Water in the morning as they manage Swinsty Reservoir. It's quite a rural location so I assume it is an unwanted pet that has been taken there and released rather than accidentally escaped. I'm concerned that the snake will be too cold or unable to find food, is there anyone else we can contact, e.g. the RSPCA? How far is it likely to move from where it was seen in a 48 hour period?

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It looks pretty well fed from

It looks pretty well fed from the photo. I'm not sure how far it would move but if it has just eaten it is unlikely to move far until it has digested it's meal but could be hard to find. Also the Yorkshire climate is probably a little cooler than it is used to, so it may be reluctant to move/hunt etc. Given the temperature it probably wouldn't need to feed again for a while, but I doubt it could survive a UK winter.

The RSPCA is probably the best bet to contact but you could try the local Amphibian and Reptile Group (