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Unidentified tree/shrub

Observed: 11th April 2010 By: katers

tree in small woods beside loch lomond forming a long line of small trees along the banks of the loch

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Without details of leaf size, I would guess either a magnolia or a deciduous member of the ericacae (rhododendron or azalea). Its abundance would tend to rule out magnolia.
It also looks very like laurel, but the leaves look fresh, implying the plant is deciduous.
If the leaves are very small, say 10-20mm, it could be a cherry but so far north would make the leaves very early - buds are only just breaking now, here in Leicestershire, but the bark is a good fit.

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Unidentified tree

It looks a bit like a member of the cherry family or a relative. Any flowers or fruits it produces will help!