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Wood Mouse

Observed: 17th June 2012 By: Beagle
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Wood Mouse

Female, juvenile and very active found in mammal trap in grassy fringe of parkland.

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Chest markings

As I commented for an earlier posting today, did your trainer (or you) confirm from the chest markings that this was wood mouse not yellow-necked? The location is outside the main range but NBN Gateway does have an observation at a nature reserve near Rufford. Are the notes "Head and body 9-12cm: tail up to 7cm" actually measurements you observed and made (I would guess not as they sound a bit more like a description from a field guide, found once the ID had been decided on), because the HB measurement is more like yellow-necked mouse, although the tail measurement too short according to my book.
What I'm saying is that, if the photo doesn't ID the species for certain (and the mouse's big back foot is in the way of the chest markings here:-)), we could do with all the diagnostic features that led you to decide on wood mouse in the 'Notes' section to be able to agree.
The location tends to suggest wood mouse, but if you saw the chest markings, which I assume you did, that would take the guesswork out of it for the rest of us:-)

Gill Sinclair
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Thank you Gill; your comments have been taken on board. Regards