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Berries Embedded in Stump

Observed: 14th June 2012 By: Simon Walker
Berries embedded in tree stump, Sandy Lodge, 2012-06-15 002 reduced

These are two of four red berries embedded in a tree stump. I'm thinking they've been put there by birds, but that may not be true. Interesting though.
(Just a thought - maybe it was kids...)

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I've tried to come up with a picture - there appaers to be a small stalk - this might be the same as can be seen in this picture at

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unlikely to be Yew at this time of year. Might be from an Aroid such as Arum maculatum, or they may be early fruit of Japanese Cherry or even Gean the native Wild Cherry


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I don't think it's Yew

As Grizzled Badger (what? really? I didn't know they could use computers) says, wrong time of year. They didn't look like yew berries.
The interest wasn't so much in what berries they were though as how they might have got there... Birds? Mammals? I doubt invertebrates.