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Taxonomic based related images

Something that struck me when suggesting an ID to this entry http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/270515

The assocaited images shows only things which have been identified as the genus Noctua. There are not many of these (caterpillars only) because most of the Noctua spp are easy to ID from pictures as adults.

However in this instance the original poster would be well served if it was possible to have this display all species for which the genus is Noctua, and so to get a bundle of images to help with the ID request.

Similarly for species where there are identified subspecies it might be helpful if identifications to the binomial level also included pictures of named subspecies in the images below.



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This is possible, and in fact

This is possible, and in fact we do it on our South African site and would like to do it here too. The problem is that it requires a taxonomic hierarchy to be built into the species dictionary, and the UK species dictionary does not at present have this. (The South Africans do, because they built their dictionary specifically for use in iSpot). THe good news is that the Natural History Museum recently appointed a new curator for the species dictionary, so we are hoping that he will be able to complete the task of adding a full taxonomy to it.

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