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Pupa of Narrow Bordered Five Spot Burnet Moth

Observed: 9th June 2012 By: notpopnotpop’s reputation in Invertebratesnotpop’s reputation in Invertebratesnotpop’s reputation in Invertebratesnotpop’s reputation in Invertebrates

for comparison with subsequent post of Six Spot pupa

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How can you be sure of the species from this? What separates it from the other two species?


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burnet pupal cases

We only have 6 spot and narrow bordered 5 spot
They prefer different areas, eg 6 spot larvae are almost exclusively on birdsfoot trefoil with their pupal cases on nearby stems.

Our nb5 spot larvae are in other parts of the grassland on other clovers ,and vetches,their larvae easily recognised from 6 spots by being darker and more bristly.
The pupal cases close to the nb 5 spot larvae are noticeably shorter and less pointed.
In my veiw the pupal cases differ as markedly as the