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Tall tree

Observed: 15th June 2012 By: daisyr
unknown tree

a tall tree one of the biggest trees in my woods there are morebut i could not catch them in my photo.

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talll trees are hard to photograph.....

Do you see this one very often? If you are able to see if you can get closer if possible.You may be able to see seeds and leaves on the tree or on the ground especially if you have had stormy weather recently and they have been blown to the ground.My computer screen is faulty sometimes so I will have another look at your photo again soon.Hope you see this comment, not everyone spots them.

Hazel Trevan

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reply tall tree

yes! but i can't go up to it because it is still wet but i will look when it gets better, thank you for your comment.

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As Hazel has said hopefully when the rain goes you can get a photo of the leaf and the bark too as that also help's

Never stopped raining in the north of England so I won't be out with my camera today.


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thank you

thank you for the comment hope the weather gets better.