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Dog Rose

Observed: 13th June 2012 By: cl6336
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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The dog rose was growing in a mixed hedge.

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A Wild Rose by any other

A Wild Rose by any other name! But is it R. canina? I beleive that more than the flower is needed to id further than Rosa.
It does appear to have a hairless flower stalk, which is one of the characteristics, for R. canina, given by Fitter et al.


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You are quite right.

You need to have good fruits and examine several other characters to be able to ID roses mainly because they hybridise readily and in an asymmetric way. This one does not seem to have any characters to say it is not R. canina which is as near as one can get. A photo will never really be enough.


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Fair enough

Fair enough