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Unknown mushroom on cycle path

Observed: 15th June 2012 By: djturpindjturpin’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensdjturpin’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Observed over the course of five days next to a cycle path. First spotted as a pure white tennis ball after a week of rain. It started to yellow at the top as it grew and was picked on day five. One of a fused pair with a tough-ish stem; some very dark brown spores brushed off onto my hand when picked.
On the fifth day I noticed some other mushrooms coming up about 2m away from the first (see 3rd image).


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cap/ stem (Stipe)yellowing

cap/ stem (Stipe)yellowing where handled,stipe staining yellow at base when cut through vertically. Not edible.


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Might be yellow stainer as

Might be yellow stainer as you say although the Agaricus group is quite tricky with a few looking similar to this. Did you check the characters GrizzledBadger mentions?