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White orchid fragrant

Observed: 14th June 2012 By: raikesraikes’s reputation in Plantsraikes’s reputation in Plantsraikes’s reputation in Plants
white orchid fragrant

white orchid slightly fragrant, lots of orchids in this area some fragrant ones found last year but not white ones, will ID as fragrant and see how we go poss hybrid?

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The flowers look the wrong shape for Fragrant Orchid. Presumably a Dactylorhiza, but not sure which.


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I have little knowledge of

I have little knowledge of orchids and our park has lots,this white one does have some fragrance, is it normal for other orchids to have a fragrance and not be a fragrant orchid?I have found lots last year. yes I was the silly old man on his hands and knees sniffing the plants on the park, is there a better way to find them before they send for the men in the white suits? Regards Paul.