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Weird poo

Observed: 29th May 2012 By: jaspercat
weird poo!

I found this in the morning on the lawn below the bird feeder in my suburban garden in Norwich. Overall it’s about 2 inches long, and about an inch in diameter. The little white things are alive and about 1/8” long. The ‘white’ at the right end is only reflection because the surface was shiny wet. The whole thing is a uniform very dark brown/black colour. It has a strong not very nice but sweet smell.I don't know if it's from a mammal or a bird. I thought a mammal most likely from the smell, but others suggest a bird.

    Likely ID
    Bird dropping
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Weird poo

Could be an earthworm cast?

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weird poo

It does look a bit like it from the photo, but, sorry it definitely isn't. It was lying on top of the grass, and was 'solid' and had weight to it, as well as a very strong poo smell. I'm sure it's poo from something!

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Bird droppings

This is from a bird though I'm not sure which. Try moving it to the birds section of iSpot.

Graham Banwell

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