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Mystery shapes

Observed: 17th March 2012 By: Pauline Rylance
Mystery shapes
Newt spawn

On a walk in Irwell Vale in Lancashire I came across a large shallow puddle on the edge of a field close to a path and stream. There was a mass of what I think was Newt spawn (image 2)which was approx 3 feet in diameter and there were also large bunches of "grape" like spheres (image 1) on the bottom of the puddle which I cannot identify.Can you help please?

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The spawn -

can get covered in silt if there is a lot of frenzied activity during mating. That can make it look like the first picture.

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Hi Pauline,I think your

Hi Pauline,

I think your spheres are sediment covered frogspawn. It may be a result of the water having been disturbed following the spawning of those particular eggs, very possibly by frog activity, or maybe even a foraging fox, or heavy rain? The water must have been stirred up by something. Have seen the same thing a few times.