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Strange insect with crumpled wings NO IDEA what!

Observed: 10th June 2012 By: edward_ammoniteedward_ammonite’s reputation in Invertebratesedward_ammonite’s reputation in Invertebrates

This odd creature seemed to fly, and I initially thought it was a moth, but on looking closer, I don't now think so. The wings are so crumpled but I didn't think that they were like this because it was newly hatched/emerged, but as I have absolutely NO IDEA what it is, my observations are probably worthless. Sorry the picture's a bit rubbish.

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Hi Edward,Here's a link to

Hi Edward,

Here's a link to what I was describing above, which your photos reminded me of. Mine is a large caddisfly with deformed wings and I think yours is possibly the same thing also.



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Malfomed caddis are unusual.

Malfomed caddis are unusual. I think this looks like an Agrypnia species.

Ian Wallace, UK Trichoptera Recording Scheme