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On the hunt for flying ants!


I work at the BBC Natural History Unit and we are currently in production of a new UK wildlife series clled 'Seasons'. As part of this we would love to film ants performing their nuptial flight in the high summer. This will be a tricky shoot because of the complications in predicting the day they fly but we are hoping by spreading the word we may be able to get some expert ears to the ground. If there are any ant experts are naturalists who may be able to give us any info on this that would be extremely helpful. We believe the flights usually happen around the 20th july- 10th Aug but that is a complete approximation! We would also be looking for known ant colonies that we may be able to head to if we get a call from anyone.

Hope this interests someone, and if it does please don't hesitate to contact me!

Many thanks Louis

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Rebecca Nesbit

We are recording sightings of flying ants in our Society of Biology survey http://www.societyofbiology.org/flyingantsurvey and really appreciate everyone who can take a few minutes to submit a record. Thank you very much.

Louis, I hope to be in touch with sightings soon!

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Flying ants

I'm no expert on ants, but in my experience the flying ants tend to emerge on hot days with temps of 25 degrees plus. Often seem to be days with high humidity too, although I may be imagining that bit!