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Yellow lady bird 2012

Observed: 9th June 2012 By: DaisyDaisy’s reputation in InvertebratesDaisy’s reputation in Invertebrates
Yellow lady bird 2012 IV
Yellow lady bird 2012 VII

Bright yellow ladybird about 1cm long

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In my copy -

of Majerus & Kearns' "Ladybirds" (Naturalists' Handbook series, so not extensive, and pre-Harlequin), there are illustrations of 2-Spot Ladybirds at various stages after emergence from the pupa. Your photos match the pictures of individuals up to 6 hours old.
I don't know how many other species show this sort of colour development, though.

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At 1cm long this is far too

At 1cm long this is far too large to be a Two-spot ladybird. However it does look like a ladybird of some type so I wonder if it's a plain-coloured variant of the Harlequin which reaches about 8mm long.

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I was aware -

That the size was possibly too large, but "about 1cm" (no offence intended to the poster) is not necessarily accurate, without a scale on the picture.
I've looked for Harlequin variants of this colour, but all seem to have either spots or cryptic patterns: none appear unmarked.
Nonetheless, I bow to your experience, and happily withdraw my suggested identification, though I don't think I can easily delete it.

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7 Spot

The legs look black which would discount the harlequin and the estimated size of 1cm is close enough to the 8mm size of a larger 7-Spot (Coccinella septempunctata) also the pronotum pattern fits. Definitely Teneral, keep an eye on it and within a day you should start seeing the spot patternation develop.
Let us know!



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Thanks for all your

Thanks for all your information. My measurement is probably not very acurate, and I always forget to put a scale in my photos, I was in a hurry to photograph it before it flew away. Unfortunately I didn't keep it to beable to say if it has changed colour, but i'll keep a look out for any more.