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Lady's mantle

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Lady's mantle
Lady's mantle (2)
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Aggregate of several native species and the familiar garden plant A.mollis.Flowers yellowish-green in flat topped clusters growing on dry grassy banks in pasture fields.

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In my experience it seeds

In my experience it seeds like mad!!!
We had a couple of plants by the patio and they have run riot, seeding and growing in every crack between the stones in the patio. Its an Alchemilla forest!! I'm hoeing them up like mad, also pulling up bits and potting them to fund raise for the school fete. The leaves look so pretty with raindrops on them! I wonder if they seed madly in all areas. Do they love the Northumbrian soil?

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My one's in the garden do but the ones in the wild don't seem to,that may be because there are no mammals in the garden to scoff the new seedlings but are in the wild.I think it also look's lovely with the raindrops on it's leaves.


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Looks to be hairy on the stems and leaf tops which would probably make it A. filicaulis ssp vestita.


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Thank's cicuta it grows on grassy banks near the stream very low to the ground and as you said it was hairy,nice to get closer to the id than just
Lady's mantle.