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Unidentified fungi

Observed: 10th June 2012 By: Gail1
Is it a Bolete

Is it a Bolete as all descriptions have them under trees and this was no where near trees in open grassland?


No identification made yet.

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I agree that it is a Bolete

I agree that it is a Bolete which as far as I know is a mushroom with pores instead of gills, although I believe there are fine distinctions between slimy ones (Suillus) and those with rough stems (Leccinum). I sometimes find them in the park, a long way from trees. I don't know if they make use of buried tree roots or whatever or just decide to go it alone...

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Did you cut it in half?

Did you cut it in half?

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It's got to be a bolete with

It's got to be a bolete with the pores like that, doesn't it?!

Looks rather like a Summer Bolete (Boletus reticulatus) to me, but hard to be exact without more info/pics.

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Your host is right there

There are leaves of Helianthemum, Rock-rose, in the photograph. Several boletes (also Russula, Amanita and others) grow happily with rock-rose.

I should leave it to others to name the bolete, I am too rusty on them. However, while looking at the photo at highest magnification to be sure I was recognising the rock-rose correctly, I noticed that the network on the stem appears to have been red. Also the pores look like they were red when the fungus was less battered and moribund. This would make it Boletus luridus - which is frequent with Helianthemum!