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House or field mouse?

Observed: 14th June 2012 By: JETSTAR

Pretty small and colouring seems more like a field mouse but it is hanging around near our house and the bird feeder like a house mouse? There are large gardens all around and many are quite overgrown (I have also let some of the grass grow long) so not that urban.

    Likely ID
    Apodemus sp.
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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If you can get a picture

If you can get a picture showing the front clearly, we might be able to get a species. It needs a look at the chest between the front legs, which you should get in a front-on shot in the pose you have given here.



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Another photo of mouse

Sorry - I only just saw your comment. Unfortunately this is the only other photo I have of the mouse which I don't think will help much. And sadly he/she hasn't been since for a while (a cat has been very interested in our garden lately)...

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Wood mice are more common than house mice

Wood mice are much more common than house mice, so its not surprising that you have one in your garden.
I saw one literally standing up to a cat yesterday - rearing up on its back legs between 'attacks'. I'd like to think it survived but suspect the shock may have killed it later even if it avoided fatal scratches and the cat's teeth.

Gill Sinclair
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Rearing mice

Gill you're a genius! You've hit on the answer to all our problems, everyone must dress up as a cat when they take photos of wood mice then they'll rear up in front of us bearing their chests - brilliant!

Seriously though, I agree with Syrphus you are, unfortunately, slap bang in the middle of yellow-necked mouse distribution so, even though this is most likely a wood mouse we can not rule out yellow-necked mouse.

Don't be downhearted by this 'sitting on the fence' and think your photo is in any way 'bad' for not getting the chest - just visit some of the other wood mouse observations on iSpot and you'll see your not alone! In fact I think we only have one definite photo of a yellow-necked mouse and a handful of wood mice; they just refuse to play fair and show us their chests.

Did I really just say I wanted a mouse to show me its chest, I clearly have a mouse chest fetish, I'll be suggesting they put a yellow-necked mouse on page 3 of The Sun next - I think I need to go pay a visit to the shrink again!

By the way it is not a house mouse because they are a dirty black/brown on the back and a dirty white on the underside including the chest....

Graham Banwell

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