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Honey bee?

Observed: 10th June 2012 By: d.s.zerafad.s.zerafa’s reputation in Invertebrates

Was in the garden today and thought I would finally take some snaps of the different kinds of bees that visit. I'm not sure of any of the names so if you know please tag!
Whats interesting to me is if you zoom in on the photo, theres some kind of bump on the bees back, between the wings. I have no idea if this is normal or ( Im totally guessing her) a piece of dirt, fungi infection or mite?

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Have you another shot of the tail ? You also seem to have posted this twice, you might consider deleting the other post.

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I suspect this to be 'Tree

I suspect this to be 'Tree Bee' - a recent UK colonist.

(I think I can just see a few white hairs at the end of its abdomen)

Alan Brampton (Benson)

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Hi guys, thanks for the

Hi guys, thanks for the comments, just added another photo and attempted to delete the double post. I saw the same type of bee going into a crack in the wall of my house and as far as I remember ( thought I may be wrong) tree bees nest in walls as well as trees?

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The "bump" is a bald patch

quite normal, just wear and tear with old age.

Also noting that it is a Tree Bumblebee, and wondering why no id up ?

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Whoops - just added - and

Whoops - just added - and thanks for the bump info!