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Tree Bumblebee

Observed: 9th June 2012 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in Invertebrates
Tree Bumblebee (3)
Tree Bumblebee
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Have a nest in the garden in a blue tit box,they are very active at the moment and I noticed a few dead small ones on the ground then saw a male and female mating which these are the photo's of them.I read that the male dies after mating so maybe that is why there are a few dead small ones about.They mated for about 15 minutes the male flew off but the female took about 5 minutes before she flew off.

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If you visit the BWARS site -

you can discover the amazing story of the spread of this species in the UK. They may welcome a record posted there, too.
Great photos!

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have done

I have recorded it with BWARS and I posted the photo's on the Bumblebee conservation trust Flickr site,they are amazing and I have become rather obsessed with watching the nest and there activity I also stated the food plants they are using I was wondering if they re-use the nest next year or if I should clean it out in about December and photograph the contents but I don't want to harm a hibernating queen if by any chance there would be one in there,do you have any idea if there would.I must say I am shocked at how many people would not tolerate a nest in there garden I think it is great they are there.


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They do seem almost manically active -

I spent some time trying to photograph them in my garden, and they were just so fast-moving it was almost impossible to get an in-focus shot.
They also seem quite tolerant, though I was "buzzed" a couple of times when I became too intrusive.
I'm afraid I don't know about over-wintering, but hopefully one of the experts can advise.