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Great spotted woodpecker

Observed: 7th November 2009 By: zweiblumenzweiblumen’s reputation in Birds
Great spotted woodpecker
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Excellent Pic!

Well focussed with fine details! I know this site is more about observations of nature more than quality photography, but it's great to see a quality image rather than a blurry dot ;p

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Yes, a lovely photo. Would you like to move this to the birds section where more people may see it? If you click on the "edit" tab, above, you should be able to change the group from "other organisms" to "birds".

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Observation moved from ‘other

Observation moved from ‘other organisms' section to one of the other areas where it fits in better and people interested in this group of organisms can find it more easily. Other organisms group is only for things that do not fit in any of the other sections, for example bacteria, viruses, slime moulds or things that you have no idea which group to put them in.

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great photo!!

great photo!!