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Indoor Beetles

Observed: 9th June 2012 By: AOD1985

A beetle, one of several found recently in the house which is being renovated. I am interested to know if this is a wood-boring species (woodworm associated) or if it is a general beetle. It does not look to me like the common wood-borers but would be interested to know some ideas. Have tried to give photos from 2 angles and underside.
Length of beetle approx 1cm

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Thanks for the help. I am

Thanks for the help. I am split between the two. Looking at it in real life, the eyes and head shape don't look quite like the wharf borer but the colouration is an almost perfect match. It doesn't help that i've squashed the head a bit.

Rhagonycha fulva, a soldier beetle with that colouration of elytra could be a possible choice but I think fulva is supposed to have orange upper legs and this one's are black.

I will see if I can capture a live one, there have been a few in the house lately. I live on a riverbank as well so it would be reasonably close to a wharf borer habitat. I'm leaning towards wharf borer at the moment due to the black upper legs

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It is not R. fulva. Similar

It is not R. fulva. Similar elytral pattern only. See



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Clearer account of the differences here

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If these are Wharf Borers

If these are Wharf Borers then despite the scary name I believe they usually only damage wood that is already moist and decayed, which is a sort of good news?