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Corvus monedula

Observed: 5th June 2012 By: ma6865
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Corvus monedula

Juvenile learning to fly. Had baby feathers on head.

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Sub Species


It may be an idiotic question to some but why is this sub species not worth bothering about when there seems to be such concern with white/pied wagtails?

I notice that folk don't seem too bothered about pheasant sub-species either.

Still a beginner.


Bill Henderson

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In Pied and White Wagtail, you have two subspecies which actually look quite different and so can pretty reliably be identified to subspecies in the field. With most birds, though, subspecies differences are very subtle indeed; generally, the subspecies can only be told if you have a bird in the hand to take measurements...etc. Even then, it can be difficult to be sure. Robin is an example, where we get continental Robins here in the winter. Some people claim to be able to tell the continental subspecies from our own, as it tends to be reality, they are so similar that it is impossible to be certain.

I said not to bother with it, as for most birds the subspecies can only be assumed from a photo, based on where the bird was seen.

In fact, 'monedula' Jackdaws do look a bit different, as they can have a slight pale 'collar', but this bird is probably not that ssp based on where it was seen. You would not be able to tell the subspecies from a juvenile bird, anyway, so again a reason to leave ssp out of the ID.

Personally, I would leave out ssp unless it was a bird where the differences were significant and properly discernible in the field.


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Re Subspecies


Thanks for the clear explanation. I'm getting there but it is a slow journey :-)


Bill Henderson

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am new to this and finding it fascinating and very addictive.